An Appeal to Save the People of Mahendraganj


An Appeal to Save the People of Mahendraganj

Voluntary Association for Social Upliftment (VASU), an NGO which is serving the people in various spheres for 16 years, and which is active in South West Garo Hills Dist, Meghalaya since 2005. VASU has training centers for young men and women where we teach weaving and tailoring. There are production centers where they weave and tailor ready made garments, enabling them to make a decent living.


We had recently discovered large scale spread of highly contagious skin infection in Mahendraganj of South West Garo Hill Dist of Meghalaya. This disease has reached epidemic proportions, so much so that about 50% of the population in Mahendraganj area is affected and it has spread to some areas of Ampati also. The figure will run into thousands. The infection is so severe that in many instances, it has covered the whole body.No one has been spared. Infants, pregnant women, lactating mothers, the old and young.


These people are very poor and mainly daily wage earners. Because of the skin infection, they are not able to do their normal duties, and because of severe pain and itching, they can’t even sleep properly at night. This is affecting their general health too.


On the 16 th of Sept 2019,VASU had organized a bus and randomly picked up41 patients from Mahendraganj and Ampati areasand brought them to Guwahati Medical College Hospital for diagnosis and treatment of the infection. We have come to know that these infections are psoriasis, tinea and scabies. Psoriasis requires lifetime medication, whereas tinea and scabies can be cured with proper treatment, but these are highly contagious. Since they have been untreated for many years, they have gone to advanced stage in many individuals, and they are spreading fast. Urgent action is required to treat these patients, along with preventive measures so that they don’t spread further.


Mahendraganj is about 400km away from Guwahati and because of bad road by bus it is almost twelve hours journey. Since thousands of people are affected, it is difficult to bring so many patients to Guwahati for treatment.

There is a huge need of skin specialist, medicine,disinfectant, cotton clothes, hygiene management measures etc for these people. We request all of you to donate for it. I am including the list of medicines prescribed for the41 patients by the Doctor of Guwahati Medical College Hospital. Same medicines will be required for others also. We want to cover all the people, but initially about 3000patient. The requirement of ointment and lotions will be more, since they have to be applied on the whole body. One cream, ie, HHMite Cream 5%is prescribed to be applied by all the family members, even if one member is infected. Hence, the requirement of this cream is very huge. Skin infection relapse. So, we are assuming that minimum 6 months support will be required.

We request you to help us in all possible ways.

VASU is registered with 80G& FCRA. I am enclosing documents of VASU

Our SBI savings account number in Dispur Branch is : 33548903798
IFSC :SBIN0003030
The mobile numbers of our CEO, Shabnam Mohan Raj are :9435147695, 8812947695

For those wanting to contribute materials, they may contact over phone or email.

Thank you for your support.