COVID-19 Relief work & other updates 2021


COVID-19 Relief work & other updates 2021

Update 1:

People living in International Border areas are in very vulnerable situations. They are far from cities, and the vast distance from central authorities restrict them from the attention they deserve. It is important to understand the misery of the communities due to lockdown, in view of COVID pandemic. These communities need to be embraced, protected and nurtured.Considering the aforesaid scenario, VASU decided to source and supply dry ration and basic necessities such as sanitary napkins, soap, Zinc tablets etc. to 300 needy artisans and their families from rural villages of South West Garo Hills of Meghalaya on 06-06-2021 to serve a family for a couple of weeks.


Update 2:

Construction of a Skill Development centre at Ampati, South West Garo Hills, State Meghalaya. This centre emphasizesHandloom weaving training and aims to provide gainful employment to rural people.


Update 3:

Nutritional programmes for the women residing in the rural villages of South West Garo Hills district, State Meghalaya, especially pregnant women and those suffering from malnutrition. A balanced midday meal with multivitamins and folic acid is provided to these women.

Update 4:

Construction of a Clinic in South West Garo Hills Districts, State Meghalaya. Doctors and Health workers visit the clinic periodically for health check-ups in the following fields:

    1. Dermatology
    2. Women reproductive & sexual health
    3. Menstrual Hygiene Management and Waste Disposal