VASU Relief Work for COVID-19

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VASU Relief Work for COVID-19


VASU has distributed food and supplies to many of the artisans and their families. Due to COVID 19 lockdown the rural families are under extreme pressure on their survival. Ration and basic needs have become scarce and hard to come by. Nearest metro regions are far and almost unreachable for the people living in rural areas.




VASU is also engaged in stitching of mask for COVID-19.

However there is a need for  involvement of more people whose donations, in kind or cash, will be highly appreciated and valued. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. We would like to request you to extend your help and generosity to help the people in these poor conditions. The smallest contribution can have a huge impact.

You Can also Donate for COVID-19 relief today! Be a part of someone else’s happiness and survival.