The Governance and Management in VASU works under a three tier system as follows: 

  1. General Body (GB): 

At the Apex of the Society is the General Body. The General Body consists of all the members of VASU, both Executive and general members(simply called members) depending on their  involvement, skill etc. At present there are 20 members. The appointments are made by the General body on the recommendations of the executive committee. The duties of the General Body are as follows:-

  • To elect the Executive Committee for a term of three years
  • To elect the CEO/Chief Advisor who has no fixed tenure and will continue as long as the General Body desires.
  • To meet at least once in a year unless a Special General Meeting(SGM) is called to discuss the affairs of the Society
  • To fill up the posts of office bearers/members of the executive committee in case of death, resignation etc of any office bearer/member
  • To select the auditor for the Society
  • To appoint members/executive members on the recommendation of the executive committee
  • To decide on taking of loans above 10 lakhs (ten lakhs) for the activities of the society
  • To decide on any other matter of importance in furtherance of the objectives of the society 
  1. Executive Committee (EC)

The General Body will elect the Executive Committee out of it’s members. At present there are 10 members in the Executive Committee. The duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:-

  • To carry out all the decisions of the General Body
  • To ensure implementation of various projects in furtherance to the objectives of the society
  • To inspire people and drive the change for socio economic development
  • To work in close co-ordination with the CEO on all matters
  • To lay down guidelines for staff appointments and selection of resource persons
  • To approve the staff appointments and  resource persons recommended by the CEO
  • To recommend to the General Body on the appointment of members/executive members
  • Pairing with the CEO in the drive for fund collection from Governmental and Non Governmental agencies and individuals
  • Buy all office equipments, stationeries etc.
  • To decide on all loans to be taken by the society of 10 lakhs and below for it’s activities
  • To recommend to the General Body on all loans to be taken above 10 lakhs
  • Any other duties in furtherance of the objectives of the organisation                           
  1. CEO/Chief Advisor

CEO is the formal Head & Chief Functionary  of the organisation. He/She will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organisation as well as to carry out all the decisions of the Executive Committee. He/She will also attend all the meetings of the Executive Committee and will act as it’s Chief Advisor on all matters so that sound and realistic decisions are taken as per ground reality. The CEO will be responsible for office administration, appointment to  posts in the organisation as per guidelines laid down by the Executive Committee and with the approval of the executive committee, implementation of projects, monitoring of projects, liaison with various agencies etc. CEO will report to the Executive Committee on all matters. His duties in detail are separately given in the Memorandum of Association.