Training of Rural Entrepreneurs on Tailoring & Apparel Making Industry at Mahendraganj & Ampati (South West Garo Hills Dist), 2015-17.



The project was sanctioned to train 200 tailors: 100 at Mahendraganj and 100 at Ampati, in Apparel making. This training started in 2015-16 and continued in 2016-17. The partners were taught the skill of designing, cutting and tailoring, keeping the high end fashion in view. They were also taught the skill of marketing the project.

Strengthening of Handloom Industry (South West Garo Hills Dist) under Integrated Basin Development Livelihood Program (IBDLP), Govt of Meghalaya at Kumligaon and Nilgini, 2013-16.


The Project was sanctioned under the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihoods Programme (IBDLP), under Sericulture and Weaving, under the District Handloom Officer, Tura, Govt of Meghalaya for training 250 weavers in advanced weaving at 2 centres,ie, Kumligaon and Nilgini.


For the Design Training two numbers of Training Centers were established where upgraded Handlooms are used. These Handlooms are 8 ft high and of wider width. The Training started with yarn winding and bobbin making process.


The project is expected to provide better income generation and employment opportunities to the members of the rural families and other weaker section of the society leading to a better standard of living.


Project for Strengthening of Handloom Industry for Livelihood Opportunities in Purasingha, South West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya, 2012-14



100 weavers were trained in this project in advanced weaving techniques, including use of jacquard machines. They were also trained in dyeing of yarn. Duration of training was for 50 days in weaving and 15 days in dyeing.



Handloom Weaving Training funded by C&RD, Govt of Meghalaya, in 2007.


Under this programme 30 nos of Handloom weavers were trained for Design development.


Handloom Weaving Training funded by North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi) in 2005.


Under this programme 20 nos of Handloom weavers were trained for Design developement.