Broad Objectives

The following are the broad objectives/purpose of VASU:-

  1. Providing livelihood opportunities to rural population through skill development
  2. Promotion of traditional arts and crafts, like handloom, Handicraft etc in North-East India. We ensure that all handlooms are manufactured with wood from trees that have fallen down during landslide, floods or uprooting done for some construction work etc so that no fresh cutting of trees is done
  3. Promotion and awareness of healthcare, with special emphasis on issues related to women’s reproductive & sexual health, pregnancy and childbirth
  4. Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene Management and Challenges Faced by Girls/women
  5. HIV/AIDS awareness and intervention
  6. Promotion and awareness of proper sanitation and waste disposal and steps in that direction
  7. Education of rural population, especially in tribal areas
  8. Promotion of activities like agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, plantation, fishery, piggery, dairy etc for income generation among the rural populace
  9. Promotion and awareness of Gender Equality
  10. To fight for the rights of women and children
  11. Work for environmental protection

Core Programs / Thematic Focus

  1. Training in handlooms in the north-east India.
  2. Training in advanced tailoring to cater to national and international markets.
  3. HIV/AIDS awareness programs
  4. Menstruation awareness, management & hygiene for rural population
  5. Providing quality education to rural population
  6. Working for LGBT community and ensure their rights and livelihood with dignity.