VASU was set up with the vision to create a society free from poverty, unemployment and disease, by working in the fields of rural poverty and economic deprivation. VASU works towards removing economic inequality and social injustice, inculcating entrepreneurship and generating livelihood and income by promoting self-employment activities in rural and tribal areas, especially those which are highly affected by militancy. Our vision is to infuse technologies through well designed & need based training and demonstration, providing vocational training to the rural youth, promoting traditional crafts, formation of Self-Help Groups(SHGs) for taking up economic activities, utilization of local resources and skills, and ensuring sustainable development without causing damage to the environment. VASU aims to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of its areas of operation, by encouraging people for holistic socio-cultural economic development and empowering rural womenfolk through literacy and participative methods. VASU works to provide educational and other forms of support to destitute children and especially abled persons in these areas. We encourage people to take up activities connected with preservation of environment and prevention of ecological damage.


The mission of VASU is to work towards a poverty-free, empowered & educated society in India, which is guided by the values of equity, justice, accountability, inclusion and respect. We believe in upliftment of the poorest sections of society, under the dictum that nobody should be left behind.